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Thank you, John and Gabriella Castiglia, for your live tree donations to the LIBS October 2020 auction.

Jim Genesee Photos 3/20

Mauro working on Chris Hayes tree Photos 3/20

    Mugo Pine

       Jim Stopfer

Hornbeam 3/20

Chris Hayes Photos 

                                                                                          Leslie Gray repot of an auction tree 

                                                     Jim Stopfer Maple Tree                Jim Stopfer Crab Apple                   Brian Fahrbach Dan Purchase     Brian Fahrbach Results

  Francine Stopfer - Bougainvillea- bloomed both in February and July 2020

  Bob Mahler working on Jim Genesee's original Hatanaka tree this spring

  Hal Mahoney - Hinoki Cypress - on exhibit at the Pacific Bonsai Museum in Seattle

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