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There are no borders in Bonsai. It brings peace to a palace as it does to the most humbles of homes, to the young as to the old, to the rich as to the poor.


It invites us to live within the world it is onto itself, and we are drawn, as no words can express, to live within it's shade.


The Long Island Bonsai Society invites to enjoy this living art that can last for generations.



 Long Island Bonsai News

2021 LIBS Board Election Results

As of the stated deadline to vote, I have received a simple majority of our members votes by email; 28 votes in favor of the proposed slate, out of an eligible poll of 48 members. (58%) I have called additional members to obtain their vote. 4 additional votes were obtained to achieve a two-thirds voting quorum of our members. (32/48 or 66.7%) 

The slate of LIBS Board Members has been approved by the majority of members, with no abstentions and no nay votes.  The LIBS Board of Officers and Board Members for the 2021 calendar year is as follows:

President: Hal Johnson

Vice President: Jim Genesee

Secretary: Tony Calabrese

Treasurer: Joe Lesnick

Board Members at large:

Chris Arbona

Chris Hayes (Program Chair Person)

Tom O’Connor

Mary Ward

Leslie Gray

There are 10 positions on the Board. Only 9 names are nominated, leaving one position vacant.

Thank you to my fellow Nominating Committee members Jim Genesee and Leslie Gray and to all of our members for your vote of support.

Stay healthy and safe! We all look forward to seeing you and furthering our art of bonsai.

Joe Lesnick


November 2020 Update from the President of LIBS


Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! Hope that everyone is well and taking appropriate precautions to help stifle the pandemic. At our last board meeting it was decided to continue to safeguard the health of our membership by not having a full “Regular” meeting until we can do it safely. Our membership far exceeds the allowable room limit set by NYS at the Planting Fields Classroom.


We have had success with a workable and safe “Protocol” for an AM workshop (of less than 10 people) and PM Auction with a limit of 22 people. This was only possible with warm outside air to exchange and refresh the room air. Winter temperatures make this a more difficult task. Add to that, the climbing seasonal risk of infection. So even these smaller gatherings must be postponed till conditioners are better. As such, our usual December “Holiday Auction/Party” is cancelled along with events in January and February. A “Zoom” meeting may be an option and may be announced via e-mail blasts to the membership.


I want to remind all our “2020 members” that their “2021 Memberships” are grandfathered in. As such when we resume a regular meeting format with “Bonsai Masters” funding is totally dependent on funds collected from the “Workshops & Auctions”. I sincerely look forward to the time when we can continue to present in-person guidance from a variety of “Bonsai Masters”.


For now, my hope is for a short winter and warmer than usual March weather. Hopefully corresponding to a diminishing infection rate. We are all a lot smarter about the precautions needed to be safe even for less contagious organisms. We will continue to evaluate the conditions and plan accordingly. Soils posted on the website are always available to members, if in stock and by appointment only with me at Planting Fields.


My expectation for “2021” is to have weekend workshops and as many as we can get participants. If members cannot fill the seats, we will need to recruit participants from the public sector. It could also be an opportunity to gain a younger membership for sustainability of the Society. So please look around your sphere of influence and consider who could be future members of LIBS.


Best wishes to all for the months to come.


Hal Johnson, President 2020

Long Island Bonsai Society




The Board of the Long Island Bonsai Society and all our members gratefully acknowledge the contributions of Joe and Ceil Gomez as Directors and Program Coordinator along with the many other tasks they have performed for the last eight years. Both have expended serious energy, creativity and massive amounts of time to help LIBS bring many different talented Masters of Bonsai to Long Island. Their efforts will be continued as we shift all the functions they brilliantly performed to other members. As such, they will have a lasting effect on the quality of our society as each of us aspires to perform LIBS functions as well as they have. In spirit they are still with us and maybe us with them regardless of the

distance or time. We wish them all the best in all their new endeavors.



Please see new tab called LIBS Soil Supplies where you will be able to purchase all our soil products. 

We are adhering to all Covid 19 safety procedures by only allowing in person pickup with mask at a designated time.

We have a good supply of soil on hand and do not know when a new shipment can be obtained due to ongoing restrictions of supplies and shipping from Japan. 

Please take advantage of this opportunity whether you need supplies now or in the near future.


Become a member to take advantage of this great opportunity.



If you are not receiving occasional emails from the club please send an email to so we can figure out why and correct the problem.



If you are having an issue logging onto the Forum page, please email or use the contact tab above and give the error message and the type of device on which you are trying to access the page. That is the easiest way to assist you.


Any questions, send me an email at


Hope to see you all soon.   




Please note that the dues were raised last year to the following:

$45.00 - single

$65.00 - family

$10.00 - student

$60.00 - support

Dues for 2020 are due now. Thank you to those who paid already.



In case of bad weather throughout the year, please check here to see if the monthly meeting, workshop and/or auction will be held or cancelled.


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