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There are no borders in Bonsai. It brings peace to a palace as it does to the most humbles of homes, to the young as to the old, to the rich as to the poor.


It invites us to live within the world it is onto itself, and we are drawn, as no words can express, to live within it's shade.


The Long Island Bonsai Society invites to enjoy this living art that can last for generations.



 Long Island Bonsai News


Due to restrictions still in place, we are postponing the July auction.

The Board will be discussing all available options at a July 18th meeting  and we will let the membership know soon after that what our findings are where to hold it in person adhering to all health requirements, virtual or any other options that present themselves during the discussion.

Stay safe.




Hal has emailed a copy of the  revised by-laws of the Long Island Bonsai Society to every member on our email list today, Monday, June 8, 2020.

Please respond to this email either with  approve, disapprove (explanation requested) or abstain.

Only current paid members are eligible to vote.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

(If you have not received a copy of this email, please send me an email at and I will sned a copy to you.)



If you are not receiving occasional emails from the club please send an email to so we can figure out why and correct the problem.



If you are having an issue logging onto the Forum page, please email or use the contact tab above and give the error message and the type of device on which you are trying to access the page. That is the easiest way to assist you.


Any questions, send me an email at


Hope to see you all soon. 



Hi Hal,

Updating you on Room Rentals for June.  We are canceling all events inside buildings.  We are waiting for guidance from the State on how we are going to proceed.  Sorry for the inconvenience and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  Hope all is well.



Kenneth Provenzano

Park Supervisor

Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park



Dear Long Island Bonsai Society Members and Guests,


Hope all are well and following safe behaviors to protect you and your family during and after the Pandemic event.


Planting Fields is complying with State regulatory actions taken in response to the Corona Virus which we support.

As such, no facilities are open there to the end of April.  They have canceled the “Arbor Day Event”.  These restrictions may be extended into May and June.


The issues that surfaced as a result of the pandemic have hopefully made the public aware of the need for ongoing controls and considerations.  As such, we are challenged to address our operations and evolve as a club.

We will be exploring the technologies available to facilitate Tele-Demonstrations and Tele-Meetings.  Currently we are considering several options and will let you know soon.

Thank you for your patience and support.  Best of health to all.


Aseptically yours,

Hal Johnson


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                           MEMBERS PHOTOGRAPHS     

Posted a new picture from Chris Hayes on April 16th. 

We have set up a new tab called Members Photos.   

Post your pictures to the web site!


Send us you favorite photos of your trees to share with us all. Please forward them to and we will post for all members to enjoy!


                  Jim Baker Demonstration  

                                        June 8, 2020

                CANCELLED - Will reschedule for 2021



Please note that the dues were raised last year to the following:

$45.00 - single

$65.00 - family

$10.00 - student

$60.00 - support

Dues for 2020 are due now. Thank you to those who paid already.


In case of bad weather throughout the year, please check here to see if the monthly meeting, workshop and/or auction will be held or cancelled.


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