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         The Long Island Bonsai Society

There are no borders in Bonsai. It brings peace to a palace as it does to the most humble of homes, to the young as to the old, to the rich as to the poor.


It invites us to live within the world it is onto itself, and we are drawn, as no words can express, to live within its shade.


The Long Island Bonsai Society invites all to enjoy this living art that can last for generations.




Meeting  6/12 7:00 PM

Robert Mahler Demo

Bob is a Japanese trained artist. He was the curator of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. He is the owner of Kifu Bonsai and current President of the Pennsylvania Bonsai Society. He is a favorite of LIBS. He has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of bonsai and is also willing to answer your questions.





Meeting 7/10 7:00 PM

Suthin Sukosolvisit Demo

Born in Thailand, Suthin has extensive experience with tropical bonsai. His expertise also includes Japanese maple, Juniper, Azalea, Black Pine and many other species. 


Suthin has won multiple National Bonsai Awards in Thailand and the United States.  He lectures all around the world and at some of the most important bonsai conventions in the United States. Suthin shares new information and techniques whenever he teaches.  His Bonsai are known for their proportion, refinement and detail. He is mostly admired for his remarkable Shohin Bonsai designs.


Suthin and his wife operate the Royal Bonsai Garden in Stoughton, Massachusetts.













Soil shipment available at our monthly meetings. 

Pay by cash or check.  Online ordering available with pickup at Planting Fields. 

Please take advantage of this opportunity while supplies last.  For online ordering press soil button


Become a member to take advantage

of this great opportunity.





We have updated our library and all available books and DVDs are listed on the library page.  Members can borrow up to two items for a one month period at our regular meetings at Planting Fields.

See Mary if interested.


Stewardship Program

The LIBS is starting this program for our members.  Senior citizen members, who are having difficulty maintaining their bonsai, can send a request to and ask for assistance. Members having difficulties and issues with their trees can also contact us.  The Club will do its best to help you.


Looking to Downsize Your Collection?

If you are thinking about reducing the number of trees and/or pots in your bonsai collection, contact the Long Island Bonsai Society at and find out the options LIBS offers.



If you are not receiving occasional emails from the club please send an email to so we can figure out why and correct the problem.


Any questions, send an email to



2023 Rates

$45.00 - single

$65.00 - family

  $20.00 - student

  $60.00 - support

See Joe, LIBS Treasurer, at any of our upcoming meetings to join. Make your check payable to Long Island Bonsai Society. Rates posted above.



In case of bad weather throughout the year, please check here to see if the monthly meeting, workshop and/or auction will be held or cancelled.



For more information, pictures and updates, please visit Long Island Bonsai Society on Facebook.


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