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There are no borders in Bonsai. It brings peace to a palace as it does to the most humbles of homes, to the young as to the old, to the rich as to the poor.


It invites us to live within the world it is onto itself, and we are drawn, as no words can express, to live within it's shade.


The Long Island Bonsai Society invites to enjoy this living art that can last for generations.



 Long Island Bonsai News

WORK SHOP AND MINI AUCTION- Limited avaialbility

Saturday October 3, 2020

Workshop - 9-12    Auction 1:00

Hello all LIBS Members,

Hope everyone is well.  In just two weeks!!!! We have a dual event.  Please RSVP to Chris Hayes as soon as possible.  Mark the date in your calendar.


Alberta Spruce Saikei Workshop by Tom O’Conner

Saturday October 3rd at Planting Fields Greenhouse Classroom 9AM to 12.

Masks and social distancing are required.  Hand washing sink is in the classroom.  Bathroom facilities are restricted to the main public bathroom in the adjacent building across the path.

Come empty handed and leave with a completed Saikei all supplies included. 

Limited to 6 members at only $50 per head.    First to reply to Chris will be assured participation.   $10 for observers.

Picture above is an example of a Saikei with other plant material.





1st LIBS Auction of the year to follow the workshop at 1PM.  

If your bored and want to get out and snag some great deals on trees and supplies don’t miss this one. There is a limit of 22 people in the room so only the first 22 to RSVP are assured entry.  

There is no fee for the auction as no food or drink will be provided you must have a pre reserved spot to attended.

Only a portion of the auction items are pictured above.  There will be more.

Please RSVP Chris Hayes at to secure your entry.



The Board wishes the very happiest and healthiest holiday to all celebrating Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur 


Photos of the Bob Mahler August workshop are on the Scrapbook page under Media.



Please see new tab called LIBS Soil Supplies where you will be able to purchase all our soil products. 

We are adhering to all Covid 19 safety procedures by only allowing in person pickup with mask at a designated time.

We have a good supply of soil on hand and do not know when a new shipment can be obtained due to ongoing restrictions of supplies and shipping from Japan. 

Please take advantage of this opportunity whether you need supplies now or in the near future.


Become a member to take advantage of this great opportunity.



If you are not receiving occasional emails from the club please send an email to so we can figure out why and correct the problem.



If you are having an issue logging onto the Forum page, please email or use the contact tab above and give the error message and the type of device on which you are trying to access the page. That is the easiest way to assist you.


Any questions, send me an email at


Hope to see you all soon.   




Please note that the dues were raised last year to the following:

$45.00 - single

$65.00 - family

$10.00 - student

$60.00 - support

Dues for 2020 are due now. Thank you to those who paid already.


In case of bad weather throughout the year, please check here to see if the monthly meeting, workshop and/or auction will be held or cancelled.


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