The Long Island Bonsai Society

There are no borders in Bonsai. It brings peace to a palace as it does to the most humbles of homes, to the young as to the old, to the rich as to the poor.


It invites us to live within the world it is onto itself, and we are drawn, as no words can express, to live within it's shade.


The Long Island Bonsai Society invites all to enjoy this living art that can last for generations.



 Long Island Bonsai News

LIBS Meeting August 9th 7:00 PM


Attendees can bring their trees and be advised about styling, tree care and maintenance. There will be an auction of trees and pots.  New members will be able to purchase young trees, pots and other items to start their bonsai collection.  The raffle for the meeting will be the Colorado Spruce designed by Mauro Stemberger in 2020.

Planting Fields has revised its Covid restrictions. No reservations are needed and only unvaccinated attendees are required to wear a mask in the building.


LIBS Display August 7th & 8th

The LIBS will display members trees at the Humes Japanese Stroll Garden in Mill Neck on August 7th and 8th from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Any members wanting to volunteer or display your trees contact Hal Johnson at


Photos of the July demo are on the 

Scrapbook page under the Media heading compliments of member Chad Pelletier.



We have updated our library and all available books and DVDs are listed on the library page under the media heading.  Members can borrow up to two items for a one month period at our regular meetings at Planting Fields.

See Mary if interested.



Please see the heading LIBS Soil Supplies where you will be able to purchase all our soil products. 

We have a limited supply of soil on hand (out of Akadama and Aoki) and don't know when a new shipment can be obtained due to ongoing restrictions of supplies and shipping from Japan. 

Please take advantage of this opportunity while supplies last.


Become a member to take advantage

of this great opportunity.



If you are not receiving occasional emails from the club please send an email to so we can figure out why and correct the problem.



If you are having an issue logging onto the Forum page, please email or use the contact tab above and give the error message and the type of device on which you are trying to access the page. That is the easiest way to assist you.


Any questions, send an email to





$45.00 - single

$65.00 - family

  $10.00 - student

  $60.00 - support

New Member dues for 2021. Existing members  are not being charged dues for 2021 due to Covid pandemic.



In case of bad weather throughout the year, please check here to see if the monthly meeting, workshop and/or auction will be held or cancelled.


                      NAME TAGS

If you do not have a name tag please let us know by emailing

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For more information, pictures and updates, please visit Long Island Bonsai Society on Facebook.